Hi, I am Rachel Tshibuyi, I want you to get to know me a little more.

Since a very young age I have always known that I had a higher purpose and that my life had to impact people in a very positive way. I have always believed in winning, not in the way winning is known and seen. But in the long run winning in the traditional sense eventually happens and transpires in your everyday life after you win in this way I have been very fascinated about.


I am grateful that I have been blessed in so many ways, but I can tell you that it hasn’t been granted to me on a golden platter! You see, I wanted to grow up and be someone great, but I never quite figured out what I wanted to do and how I could do it?

I continued focusing on myself (not knowing exactly how to do it at first). But I wanted to find out what this yearning and calling was about.

I graduated in Finance and Investment Management and it was finally time to build a career  identity.

But Before that, I was fortunate to be mentored and coached during my University days which helped me to figure out  that the only way I was going to become great and embody the yearning inside of me was to win over myself and master the only one important person in my life, Rachel T. As soon as I figured it out I was at absolute peace with myself. Because now, I had a defined target to conquer and win for sure in every aspect of my life whether personal or professional.

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For the past 4 years now I have been on a journey of  growing and developing my skills to fulfil one of my desires, which is  to help other people  also get to master themselves and  ignite their inner winner and achieve their personal, professional and financial goals.

I believe that when you have a vision for greatness, inspiration and growth, it doesn’t matter where you are or what you are  going through at the moment, If you want to, you will find a way to successfully reach your goals.

Being a Transformational Life Coach and Speaker, I have the privilege to Enrich, and empower people  to get total control of their LIVES while enjoying the Freedom and reward of helping others.

It’s having an ongoing passion and being 100% committed to helping people become only the best version of themselves that drives me.

I am on a mission to reach out to as many people as I can and provide Inspiration, Love, Gratitude, Joy and Abundance in any area of their lives.

Because I know that despite the number of times you fall short, there is always a way to align yourself back up with appropriate help and correct actions.

I’d Love to hear from you or and connect!

One of the best things about what I do is getting to know people in my community. So, come and connect with me on Facebook and Twitter so we can hangout as I am there often! Make sure you say hello when you connect as I’ll be looking forward to it.