Who Is In Control Of Your Life?

Who is in control of your life

So, you know that I’m all about igniting your inner winner and helping you achieve you best potential in all parts of your life.

There are however a few things in life, which are simple enough that need to be incorporated to your lifestyle to achieve your heart’s desires. You see, you may pray, ask and meditate all you like, the truth is if these simple things are not a core part of your daily life, your wants and needs and desires will not just manifest.

Why? Because God doesn’t want you to do nothing or just one part of something. Yes, that is right. You want something you have to be responsible for acquiring it.

This means that, you have to take 100% responsibility for your life. Just as you can’t jump into a swimming pool full of water and refuse to get wet. You can’t just be positive, meditate, pray and do your routine affirmation without taking the necessary actions to manifest your ideal results.

Now if you are already seeking to be spiritually aligned meaning you are working on your vision, you are staying constant, positive and focused on your goals, you are half way there. Congratulations on this journey. I call it a journey because it stops when you stop wanting to get the things that you want!

But you have to take actions to be fully responsible for your life, this means knowing that you have full control on every outcome in your life, your feelings, career, relationships and finance.

Taking Control and being 100% responsible means being risky. It’s easy to not take any risks, it’s easy to stay where you are and complain; it’s easy to see exactly who is the root cause of your frustration and unhappiness. It’s even much natural to just blame and talk and vent about it to anyone and anything that has ears to listen.

But it’s hard to face the reality, the truth which is that you either Let yourself be or Chose to create the problem, toxic relationship, bad financial state that you are in, lack of connection with your children, overweight and miserable, broke and unhappy. This is cold hard to swallow but it is the truth.

How Am I the Cause Of My Troubles and Not In Control Rachel? –You May Ask.

Here are some examples:

  1. You are spoken to in a way that doesn’t please you, in fact it’s very disrespectful, uncalled for and bang out-of-order. This hurts your feelings. What do you do? – You pretend this hasn’t hurt your feelings and you just put a face. You didn’t let it go though.  You put a face that you are ok. Then you go complain and break down to your friend, spouse at home???? What can they do about it? You let that person hurt your feelings and guess what they will do that again if they have the opportunity because you blatantly let them know that it was Ok for them to do that to you. You could have let them know that it’s not Ok for them to speak to you that way but you didn’t, whose fault is it? You chose what easy stay quiet was and act as if everything of fine, because the risk of speaking up was too great for you.
  2. You are constantly speaking negative words, having a negative thought pattern and you complain on how unlucky you are and how you don’t get what you want. No wonder it’s not manifesting. Because all you do throughout the day every day of the year is chase away the good things because you say that no good thing ever happens to you. Remember Like attract Like. Same natures will cohabitation. You created you state.
  3. You are in a bad relationship, and you get internal and external warnings people telling you, your guts telling you, God telling you to get out and run for the hills because this person is not good for you, what do you do? You ignore the warnings, you think you going to change him/her. Yet you can’t ask to talk about your problems and the things you want in life to see if they align, you don’t demand respect and total commitment and the rest. You want to play hero? Well Save Yourself First! Why is all this, it’s because you are afraid to be alone, and it’s not because you can’t cope alone, no I know and you know you can, It’s more about what other people who actually, do not care about you think. And you stay. Guess what you created and let the result of that relationship happen to you.

You see how simple you can choose to do the total opposite of the above scenarios and get better results which are empowering, and not only to you, but also to the people around you?  You can see where I am coming from and I want you to be fully responsible. You are created to God’s image. In what? The Choices we make; the power to create love, joy, peace. You have to Choose to Create.

Signs that show you are not in control of your life:

  •  Attitude – You are not a Present, Now action Individual
  • You Blame everything that happens to you on someone or something else other than yourself. (The Weather, The Dog, The Kids, The Fiancé, The Wife/Husband, Colleagues – Never good old me!)
  • You procrastinate and never take necessary action to your problems
  • You always complain (And this is much to people who can’t do anything about it)
  • You don’t have Clear goals for your life…..  A plan, Strategy……Something!
  • If you have them (goals) You never review them enough to see the progression you make.
  • You want to get to the top of everything you start overnight, because that is jut easy which means that
  • You want things that are EASY. (And it has to be all things that never put you on the spotlight of responsibility)
  • You don’t prioritise
  • You don’t take time or have time for yourself. (Create it.)
  • You are good at telling people your problems, your goals and ambitious and the solutions you would have much wanted to achieve, but you are not very good at grabbing the bull by its horns and demanding the sort of solution you Want or Creating it Yourself.

Winners assess and reassess themselves, recognise when they hit a plateau and seek for help. They know that they need discipline and courage and they go find the people and things that can provide these things for them and they take actions to continue better their game.

You are playing the game of life. Are you bettering it or worsening it.

Remember it’s not over until You Win. If you want to Pursue Something you are passionate about? Someone you love? Go for it, find out what it takes to get what you want. It’s about Stepping Up or Stepping Off! You want something? Take full responsibility today!

I love you and want you to be the best I know you can be.

Let me know in the comment what you do that helps you be 100% responsible for your life.

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  • Verron

    Reply Reply 03/27/2014

    Absolutely amazing. Keep going on. You’re on the right path. Congrats.

    • Rachel

      Reply Reply 03/28/2014

      Thank you very much, I appreciate it! 🙂

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