5 Ways I Deal With Power Struggle In A Team

Okay, we are human and you know that at some point, somehow you will have exerted power on something, someone or a thing or someone has done that to you. Ouch! Now, that hurts for real or at least frustrates.

This Means that the power struggle is for Real!

Now, we have all been put in teams to work or at least been forced to work in a team. The will to have and exert power is human, and we all have inclinations to defend what we heart. But, if in a team situation you do not encounter a tiny bit of trouble…..you may have been working with angels. But we know, that does not usually occur.

power struggle

So here’s my top 5 ways to deal with power struggle in a team!

  1. Fight for what you believe in: when I say fight, I don’t mean getting your fists ready to take on someone or people. It’s about defending the reason why you would or wouldn’t do a certain thing. It’s about refusing to agree with the decision of others. Note though that you will have to do this in a calm collected way. Avoid raising your voice, losing your temper and or insulting others. This option may however have consequences….. People may love or hate you for it; it may in some cases get you into much more trouble.
  2. Use the Dale Carnegie approach to negotiate: this is hard to come by because you know you have a valid point, but it is not impossible. Communicate to find mutual grounds on which you can work on.
  3. Adjust to connect, most of the time power struggle happens when different personalities come together and if they both are very possessive and hungry for power, the other way is to adjust and connect with this means that again you will have to come to an agreement.
  4. Ask yourself if you actually are listing. I mean, really listening to your team members, sometimes, most the time rather, we do not really listen, we are thinking over words that are being spoken and how they are not fitting or thinking, what does he mean when he says this? Does this mean that this is this and that way?…..you know what I mean… like what you do when reading this post. Just stop and just listen. We sometimes misunderstand others and think they want to win one on us and be domineering, when the case is probably not so.
  5. Last but not least, you don’t need to WIN all the time. Sometimes it is best not to get involved, if it’s something that you feel you are a bigger person and can deal with, let it go. There are so many better things to worry and fight about. And really, you are not being dominated unless you think you are, then you will feel small and undignified.

 Whenever you are going through a power struggle, Stop and Remember!

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. 
Eleanor Roosevelt

 The beauty about working for yourself is that you can choose who you work with and who will be in your team!

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