Dealing With Peer Pressure Effectively

My heart went out to a young girl I saw the other day saying that she only does what she does because of “Peer Pressure”.

And bless her heart, she was absolutely right!

Like many of us, we do a lot of things out of the pressure, that is most of the time unspoken and unmentioned. But we do things to be seen in our micro groups as “Cool”, and we want to fit in with others and be accepted according to whatever is “acceptable” in that group. As tribal beings, we want to be part of the community we live in and we want to be loved, and the way we can achieve this is usually by doing things just as others are doing them even when it’s not Our Truth!

This video shows you how you can deal with peer pressure and be just fine.



You see, it’s about holding to what you are, so that the things and the people that are align with who you are easily attracted to you and are easily drawn to you, this is how you gain true meaningful friendship and are appreciated for who you are.

It’s alright if you feel the pressure…shows you are human.

But you can decide to not submit to that pressure, you are actually free to choose.

You can Say NO. You can say it with Ease and Grace.

And don’t worry if it feels strange at first to choose to do only that which you agree with, read my recent post on Practice, a little bit everyday will bring you there.

Share with me how you deal with peer pressure by leaving a comment, and I thank you in advance for being very supportive, reading sharing this post.

I appreciate you very much!





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