The Power Of Asking

The Power of Asking

Ever wanted to know why you ask for what you ask for and never receive it?

Well, I have in the video below shown why we don’t get what we ask for and how we can change that and start getting exactly what we ask for.

Read this before you rush to the video though!

You will often find that you get what you ask for in life and sometimes, you just settle for the things that you didn’t ask for just because what you asked for is taking a little while to manifest.  And doing that (settling) just ensures that you will not get what you ask about ever!


Because You already have something else in place and the things you asked has no room. You need to get rid of the thing you settled for in order to get the thing that you wanted and asked for. Let Go!

You also need to be asking the right questions; both to God and to Yourself. Asking is very powerful.

You will get the right answer to the right question and the Clearer you are about what you want the better the thing that you ask for will be. Clarity! Not frustration and a negative filled mind.

Then ask for guidance if it’s a problem that you are going through, ask with a firm belief Annnd ….. Full, Alive, Expectation that you do receive and you are receiving what it is that you are asking for and stay in that energy that spirit that you are getting the guidance, the answer to your question. And you will surely do get the answer you are looking for.



Let me know  your experiences of  Asking and receiving ! And Yes! — if this video was helpful for you, share it with your friends. It will really be appreciated. When you learn to believe what you want to believe, you truly free yourself from believing in what others or circumstances inflict on you. Stay Calm and Have Clarity





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