3 Quick Ways To Quit Being A Crap Magnet

It’s hard when you are a Crap Magnet! When you find yourself always back right where you started and you ask yourself what happened and you are just wondering Why You?? Find out why you attract the baddies in life and how you can turn that around in three quick steps.


Well, I am not going to waste time here, Let’s find out how you can quit being a Crap Magnet!


Crap Magnet

Here are three quick and proven ways to quit being a crap magnet and become a success, love; happiness; money and abundance magnet.

1-      Change Your Mindset – You are weakest and attract more danger to your life in times of adversity than in good times. This is because we associate a lot of our emotion to pain and sufferings. And this calls upon more pain and suffering. Likes things attract! Forget about opposite attract, it’s a WRONG theory that is difficult to be practised in reality. This means that in spite of your situation, think positive. It is not easy, but it is the absolute way for you get out of a bad situation of self pity and self victimisation. The law attraction is the one that says that Like attracts like. The More You focus on how bad your situation is and you talk to your friends about how you don’t have money, you are lonely…. guess what you are attracting the likes in your future. I do not want that for you and you certainly do not want that for yourself.

2-     Choose to Start Thinking and Behaving the Way You Want to Behave and Think – Yes, that is right. You have to become aware of the fact that people who are constantly happy and content about their lives do have problems, but they choose to think in a certain way that makes them automatically more attractive and happy contented individuals. It’s about behaving like your ideal being would behave in that particular moment you have going on in your life. Here’s an example, you are feeling down, and depressed about the fact that say, your interview didn’t go well or that business deal was not closed. What do you do? Give thanks for that situation, yes, be grateful and keep a positive attitude. How do you do that is by staying present and not letting your thought wallow in self pity or anger, disappointment and feelings of being a failure. But instead, be present, feel and fill the space you are in. Look for something that can encourage you and uplift you.  The truth is we all feel rubbish sometimes but the difference between the people who are successful and those who are not is really their attitude. Because, bottom line is that is actually what it is all about. That is how you quit being a crap magnet 🙂

3-     Gratitude – Yep, I said it AGAIN! Listen, this is absolutely a no brainer.  And, you don’t need to be religious to practice gratitude, absolutely not. Although if you are it will not be much of a problem. But Guys, gratitude is the simplest, freest and most powerful thing in the world, which will get you so much, I literally mean Sooooo MUCH!

I am not even Kidding you!  Saying these two words “Thank You” or these ones “I am Grateful” is very important to your life. Here’s why; you are empowering yourself by speaking these words out, whether it is to your friend, neighbour, partner or a complete stranger, you are stating you are in control of yourself, and that you are someone that is open to receive more good things in your life! When you are grateful for small things even for (I am going to push it lol) things that seem bad to your advantage ;-), God knows that He can entrust you with more and you will be absolutely fine with it and you will be able to do a lot of GOOD to the world with it. Practice this and try to catch yourself when you are talking in an ungrateful way and slowly you will become great at being positive and grateful.


Did you know? Research shows that people who practice gratitude daily for the goods they have in life, have less depression and more happiness! Sounds like a Free Stress Drug to me! 😉

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