Stop Fighting Your Bad Habits…

Don’t We All Just Have Those Habits We Wish We Could Just Use a Magic Wand On and Make Disappear?

Why Fight a Habit or Habits That Can Disappear all by Themselves Without The Need for You To Fight Them?

fighting habits-against-myself

We tend to do this as we try to improve ourselves. It may be that you want to get fit, get a promotion, build our business, Earn more for what we do, learn something new or start on that project that’s been your dream for so long!

Today I want to encourage you on whatever self improvement Journey you are on to keep focusing on what you want to become while ensuring that you are not pouring your energy into fighting the habits or routines that have made you fail in the past.

Whenever you fight something, you are exercising resistance to that particular thing, and whatever we choose to RESIST does indeed PERSIST because it is feeling attacked. But if you simply let it be but instead shift your attention to something which you want to have as a habit instead of the one that you do not like……….you are Making things soooo Much EASY for yourself. And Before you Know It….that habit or habits will be long gone and replaced with the one you have began to focus on! 🙂

Instead of fighting that feeling of not bothering or just not feeling like being up to it and procrastinating? Choose to accept the clear fact that we are human and it’s normal to not feel up to doing stuff sometime. It’s OKAY! 🙂

Then learn to ask your mind/brain questions that will trigger you to getting up and doing things that Need to be done.

Here Are Five Questions to help Fuel The Building of the New Habits:

  1.  Why don’t I feel up to doing……[fill in the gap]?
  2.   What should I do different to make this more enjoyable?
  3.   When is the best time for me to do this task? (We All Work Best at Different Times sometimes)
  4. Where or what is the best environment for me to do this?
  5. How can I be motivated, Inspired, pumped up?

So if you don’t feel like going for that 25 mins Work out, ask these questions above until you find a solution ……and You Will. 🙂

If the right question is asked to your brain, your mind will strive and find a solution to it, and believe me they are solutions which always yield positive result.

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