Stop Getting Sidetracked from your Vision…..

How Do You Stop Yourself From Getting Sidetracked from your Vision?

Read on and I will Show you Three Ways To Not Get Sidetracked from your Vision.

You know that if you can see it, you can achieve it right? That is very true.


I am going to show you a very simple way to keep your vision alive and constantly focused on day in day out.

Okay, why is having a vision important?

Because without a Vision, you are just existing and not actually living. The reason is that when you do not have a vision, you are not able to make plans, meaning that you are not in charge of your life and therefore, you do not have a choice but to live by other people’s vision, plans and dreams. Because the universe is created to work in unison; in the word universe is the word uni = union. In other words, togetherness. We are all connected. And if I have a vision, a dream that I want to achieve, If I believe in it appropriately, I will achieve it. But notice, no one achieves greatness on their own.

Take Oprah, she has a huge network…..of people. People watch her and work with her and she is fulfilling her dreams, her vision and she has and is inspiring and changing people’s lives through that vision and the universe and God has provided her with the appropriate people around to manifest that vision. This applies to every person that has achieved success in whatever they do.

Positive or negative.

Yeah, I said positive or negative. People who have a positive mindset and vision will align and be guided to be around like minded people, and the ones that aren’t positive, or are visionless will be the passive masses that will give away their powers so that someone else will use it for them. The world is like a vacuum, if you do not use that special talent you have someone will use it for you, this is regardless of whether you like it or not, or even whether you are aware of it or not.

Okay, We all know that it is important to keep a positive mental picture of visualisation. But isn’t that just hard in this time and age where our attention is sought after by every single things, i.e. family, children, friends, work, leisure, unwinding time, music, gym, eating, gossips, magazines, radios, television….the list goes on!  (I call them attention seekers) around us?

Here are three Simple but Effective ways to handle these attention seekers.

  1. Be Present: Live in the present. This does not mean that you totally block yourself from the world. Uh huh! You need them and they need you! You have to acknowledge that there are all these things around that are going on, but you Can Choose to not get side tracked by these things to the point where we lose our vision.  This does mean that you have to plan ahead. The key is Time Management.This is your Most Valuable Asset there is. Utilise it correctly in planning and you are more likely to achieve your goal of keeping your vision.
  2. Take time out for yourself: this is important, because this is the time where you will have to recharge and get connected and plugged into your vision even more familiar with the picture of what you want to achieve. This is the time you become spiritually connected and shut away from the world. It doesn’t have to be so much! Just 30 minutes a day can do wonders for you! If you can do it for more than that then go for it. Remember the more you see something the real it becomes to you and you will see more possibilities of achieving this vision.
  3. Ignore It: Yeah, anything that is going to sidetrack you and put you in a negative energy and a space should be eliminated and ignore. Remember you can never be positive and negative at the same time. You will burn! One will let the other live. So whichever you give more attention either by worries and complaints and anger or by concentrating and focusing on it by meditation will prevail. It’s a game of numbers. How much you do of something will be shown in your daily actions and the fruits of it will be seen eventually. If you ignore the negatives and the attention seekers, you are valuing your vision and therefore you know how important it is for you to keep that vision up and working toward it.

Stay Fabulous and go get it because you have a winner in you!


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