Richard Boack Matanda,

Rachel T is one of the most powerful, articulate and thought-provoking transformational speakers that I’ve came across. As a technology executive, effective communication within innovation matters.  She has leadership, charisma, relevance and patience. I consider her to be a rising star among transformational speakers and highly recommend her for your success.

Richard Boack Matanda, CEO & Founder of droprun.
Anelia Mitseva,

Rachel is truly awesome at what she does! she has a strong passion for her work that she spreads to her clients. She is very warm and really understands the core of the problem with just a few words. She coached me very well from the theoretical “let go…” to the practical level with a very easy to implement visual tip that helped me a lot. After that it was possible for me to finally let go. I highly recommend her because she delivers true results.

Anelia Mitseva, Energy Mentor.

I’ve Attended Several Workshops With Rachel. They Were Truly Inspiring and Made So Much Sense! I am Now Conscious Of Using The LOA Every Day & Getting Surprising Results!

Johan Kagstrom,

When I attended my coaching session with Rachel and I experienced that something shifted in my energy, and it was like magic and I made my biggest sale ever in my business. This was so surreal that some parts made me confused and some part of me said of course this is real. I had seen Joe Vitale say in a seminar that when you have a personal coach you could see things start to magically happen as soon as the first session. Clients can show up immediately in your business, (this actually happened to me) before, it sounded way too unrealistic to me then, I couldn’t relate. I heard this couple of months ago. This was the very thing Rachel helped me manifest and it was beyond my dreams. I believe every creation starts with a thought. I listened to a tele-seminar, and also watched the coaching program intro, and I liked the freedom expressed here. It made sense to me, and I decided to give coaching a try see how it was. I warmly recommend Rachel, as I believe she can help you see your blind spots and help you unleash your inner entrepreneur.

Johan Kagstrom, Network Marketer & Business Owner.
Katalin-Ildiko Sandor

It is with pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Rachel Tshibuyi. I am a Legal Adviser, I used Rachel’s service to find a Breakthrough In My Self-confidence and Take Control Of My Personality. I was very impressed by her strong ability to easily establish comfortable rapport with me. She is a very enthusiastic, dedicated and Heart Centred Person. Rachel Maturely Helped Me Resolve Past Blockages and Issues I wasn’t Even Aware Of that Were Hindering My Success. I strongly recommend Rachel Tshibuyi as the right choice as A Personal Success Coach.


Katalin-Ildiko Sandor Legal Adviser
 Pauline Devlin

Very Inspiring!

Pauline Devlin