Your Thoughts Are Louder Than You Think!

Rachel Tshibuyi

So, I was Sat Thinking about How Not SO “Private” my thoughts really are and how even in the Bible You Find Scriptures ( 1 John 3:20, Matt 9:4, Psalm 139:2 and others), that implies that Somewhere God knows all thongs and that includes our thoughts. Your Thoughts Are Louder Than You Think!

Got me thinking of what I call, Private silent prayers…… the ones that you do Outside your church time or your Sweet Hour Of Prayers. You Know the ones you do while on your way to the shops? On the Bus/Train, behind the Wheel?….with open Eyes? Yeah, that one! Or Should I rather say Those ones!

But hang on a second, almost 90 percent of the time or more of the time is never spent on “silent prayers”!

We spend time thinking of the past: the things that were done to us or we did to others, the times we got mistreated or disregarded, the times we were really really happy or sad, that time when you fell in love, had your kids, lost a loved one, was overweight/underweight and the list goes on. The Present: Your Uncool/cool Job, ugly/cute face, nice/horrible life, relationships; does she/he like me?, dramas, that part of your body you don’t like? That colleague that gets on your Nerves?  the people you don’t particularly like?Etc…… The Future: What will become of me? my children? Is my Job safe? Will I ever be happy and loved? Will the World Recognise my potential and efforts? We can carry on All year round with thoughts that pop into our heads!

But all of these thoughts are actually heard somewhere and because “as a man thinks so he is” All you are thinking about whether in silent prayers or not do MANIFEST. I am sure you have heard of the Quote, “What You Think About, You Bring About.” This is TRUE.

Do you want to know how how to focus on better things to bring better in your life?

Ever heard about “Whatever You FOCUS On Expands”?

This video will break down how you can learn to FOCUS on Thinking  better thoughts and cancelling bad, negative thoughts.

I would like to know how you deal with your thoughts and how you channel them out to God in the comment section.

Let me know what you do that helped you have better, positive thoughts.

And of course — if this video was helpful for you, share it with your friends. It will really be appreciated.

When you learn to approach everything from a place of love, you truly begin to flourish in your existence as a being.



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