Whatever You Focus On, Expands


Mr Michael Jordan said “The game has its ups and downs, but you can never lose focus of your individual goals and you can’t let yourself be beat because of lack of effort.

Being Focus is one of the things that has and will always be part of a successful living.

When you consistently focus on what you want to achieve and have in life, the adversities, the ups and downs of life and the things that your eyes see will not divert your attention and make you doubt your goals and shift your attention to distraction. And you only know and can achieve ultimate success when you insistently focus on  what you want.

But to be able to focus on what you want, you will have to learn to think the way you want and what you want. And you can only think and FOCUS on those things when you believe them to be the truth, the truth being what you really want and focus on and rejecting anything that is opposite to that which you want to achieve in life.

Believe and focus only on what you think to be the truth and what you want to achieve.

Want to know how much power you have in making things that you want manifest?

Watch this video to know how.

Let me know what you do that helps you FOCUS on what you want. And Yes! — if this video was helpful for you, share it with your friends. It will really be appreciated. When you learn to believe what you want to believe, you truly free yourself from believing in what others or circumstances inflict on you. xoxoxo Rachel

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