Work With Your Fear

Fear is a powerful feeling that ruins people’s lives daily but at the same time propels others to make positive life changing decisions.

Fear start being felt when love diminishes and the less love we feel the more fear grips us. There are about 22 emotions according to Abraham Hicks that can determine where we are vibrating as you can see here below.

But the simple way to understand this list is to either put them into two groups; the “Feel Good” group where you feel like a winner and the “Feel Bad” group where you feel like a loser; or simply the love and fear group.

From feeling content which is number 7 up to love which is number 1 are the “Feel Good” emotions or attributes of love and from feeling boredom at number 8 to 22 which is fear and powerlessness,  are the “Feel Bad” emotions or attributes or fear.

Feelings are what drives us and motivates us to do better and ask for better things in life. Whenever you want something new, it is usually because you believe that this thing will bring you some good feelings which can be joy, fulfilment or success of some sorts.

Love is the highest most powerful humanly possible feelings one can attain and operating from this space is tremendously delightful. Why? No work seems as a chore; all things are just lovely and possible because when we vibrate in an optimistic emotion, we perceive ourselves and the world through this emotion or its attributes. The opposite of this is also true!

Because love is the feeling of possibility and openness, fear is self-limiting and numbing.

Both love and fear operate on a subconscious level; it is first what we believe about ourselves which we then think about on a regular basis that in turn gives us the emotion of either possibility or limitation which you hear being referred to as self-limiting beliefs.

There are only 3 self-limiting beliefs. They manifest in the following thoughts, especially when you face a new, unfamiliar subject or territory. They usually only tell you one of the following:

  1. I Am Not Worthy (not feeling good enough, feeling inferior, deeming your light etc…)
  2. No One Will Want Me (feeling insecure in different aspects, refraining from asking for what you want, playing small, feeling unattractive, always focused on making “others” comfortable etc…)
  3. If I Try, I Will Fail (Not speaking up, Not asking for what you deserve, Not following your heart…etc…)

Those are the biggest fears and their attributes only manifest themselves as a result of the thoughts we project on a regular basis. From there, boredom surges because we never left the job we hate, frustration is our friend because we know that we have more to offer but are playing small or lack clarity, this goes on until we are discouraged feel unworthy and powerless because we have let ourselves to be conditioned by the undeserving treatments of others and have started believing the picture others have drawn of ourselves which makes us feel bad.

These feelings are not abnormal; they are very normal. They are only indications that you are not heading the right direction. The abnormal thing you can do is sit in them for too long! Action towards love is the best cure from fear.

When you feel bad, you cannot attract good.

But you can turn this around and have better feeling emotions or if you are not in despair, you can maintain your “Feel Good” Emotions.

Here are 5 ways to bust your self-limiting thoughts.

  1. Get clear on what you truly want.

Lack of clarity is a common symptom of fear. It is also known as confusion which is never far from frustration. We often don’t know what we want and when asking my clients to be clear on what they want, it is often a daunting asking to them.  But we always know what we don’t like. The best quickest way I show to gain clarity is to make a list of what you don’t like, then from that list write the opposite of it or what will be better than what you don’t like. That is how you get clear on what you want.

  1. Who inspires you?

Get to know the feel of the essence that makes them inspirational to you. You can have different people for different areas of life. Think about how they think to be inspirational to you, how do they carry themselves, what books would they read, who would they hang around with, what types of conversations would they have? What qualities do they have? Are they grateful, mindful, helpful or graceful? Can you introduce these practices in your daily life?

Be careful though not become a copy or a total stalker of your inspirer…., you want to acquire the essence of the energy that makes them great and once you tap into it, you will be yourself but great.

  1. Spend time with yourself.

Get to know who you are, truly face yourself, what you enjoy doing and what makes you happy. Meditate and still your emotions, be present with yourself.

A great way to really face yourself is to look yourself in the mirror daily and just admire yourself, if you can’t find something good on yourself to admire, think of how you would like to look, bring that feeling into your body and imagine how it feels to look that way and if you don’t still like it, do something about it. But self-love is an art, and you must be willing to view yourself through a loving perspective right now to be able to even love the results of anything you choose to deal with. To heal from something that hurts or that is uncomfortable, you need to feel it first, deal with it and then healing can follow, it is a process.

  1. Speak life into yourself and your world.

Our mouth speaks of what our hearts are full of.

The good thing is; you can fill your heart with good things so that your mouth can speak them. There is no way that you can be speaking positively and feeling negatively. A great tip that you can use while looking at yourself in the mirror is to say good, positive things to the image you are facing and watch how good this makes you feel.

  1. Repeat this Again and Again and Again…. till it is second nature to you.

Everything you feel strongly about is only felt that way because you have repeated it to yourself enough times.





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